In loving memory of Sue Fenton, who did so much for Blackburn Lake Sanctuary

VALE Sue Fenton 9th April 1958 – 5th October 2017

Sue joined the Advisory Committee in November 2006 and took on the role of Chairperson in October 2008, which she held until her death, after a short battle with cancer.

Sue had a talent for encouraging people to get involved with the Sanctuary and her intelligence and passion for building a strong community, shone through.

As an active member of Rotary, Sue taught at the Box Hill TAFE and had a strong Christian faith providing pastoral support to not only her students, church community, but all that she knew.

Sue’s teaching and nurturing of young people, in their appreciation and understanding of our indigenous bush and the fragility of bushland parks within a growing suburban environment like Blackburn, saw many volunteers begin to appear, - taking on research projects and coming to working bees. Her generous, intuitive nature endeared her to us all.

Sue has seen many projects take shape at Blackburn Lake Sanctuary.

The loss of Sue’s strong leadership and warm friendship is a sad loss to us all. The memory of her passion, not only for Blackburn Lake Sanctuary, but for the Australian bushland and the preservation of these remnant areas will continue to inspire us.

Our lasting memories will be of her strength, her commitment, and her loving and generous nature.

Thank you, Sue.