Photo of rubbish and trash in Blackburn Lake Sanctuary.

What are some of the main causes of poor water quality?

How to Report Pollution and Other Problems in the Sanctuary


Report any signs of pollution, any coloured or oily subtances on the water or residue on the banks to the EPA immediately. They can't act if they are not aware of problems. The sooner problems or potential problems are reported the more effective the EPA follow up.
EPA Victoria logo
Call the EPA Pollution Watch Hot Line on 9695 2777 in the Melbourne metropolitan area or on 1800 444 004 outside the Metropolitan area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Please report any damage noticed or acts of vandalism to the Whithorse Council.
Call the City of Whitehorse on 9262 6333 All hours.

Theft from Cars or other criminal or suspicious activity should be reported to Nunawading Police on 9871 4111 All hours.

Report injured wild life to a relevant authority

Graphic showing the 'Help for WildLife' phone number
RSPCA on 9224 2222
Help for Wild Life 0417 380 687.

Report Red-eared Slider Turtles

The Victorian Government (DSE) is currently searching Blackburn Lake for illegally dumped Red-eared Slider Turtles. an exotic pest of severe proportions.
If you happen to see one in or around Blackburn Lake or elsewhere please call DSE Customer Service on 136 186 immediately.

Significant penalties apply for keeping, selling or releasing exotic reptiles in the wild.
Photo of a 'Red-Eared Slider'.