Environment Education Program

The Blackburn Lake Sanctuary Education Program is a free visitor service offered by the BLS Advisory Committee and the Friends of the Lake. It provides environmental and sustainability education programs for local residents, visitors and community groups. Programs are advertised on notices around the Sanctuary, on this website and on Facebook, programs include Bird Walks, Possum Prowls, monthly Sunday afternoon programs at the BLS Visitor Centre, and walks or speakers for community groups.

Our Blackburn Lake Sanctuary activities aim to develop among visitors:

  • Understanding of, and sympathy for, the value of bushland in suburban areas, specifically Blackburn Lake Sanctuary
  • Concern to maintain such areas as sustainable environments.
  • Opportunities for various age groups to experience and learn of the pleasures and challenges of a bushland area and to appreciate its importance to the community.


The BLS Advisory Committee believes that having a reasonably intact bushland ecosystem in a suburban area can encourage understanding and appreciation of the bush in those members of the community who choose to live in suburban Melbourne. Positive attitudes can best be developed by using local volunteers who show, by example, their love of the area.

Enquiries and bookings for these programs can be made by email to

School Programs

School Programs are delivered by Whitehorse City Council ‘s ParksWide Education Officer, together with a team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers.

For School bookings or further information about school programs see:

To contact the Education Officer please email phone 9262 6211, or Mobile: 0435 373 470

The Environment Education Program at Blackburn Lake Sanctuary was begun by the late Dorothy Meagher and local volunteers in 1985 to cater for visitors and school groups. Such was its popularity that eventually the program outgrew volunteer management. Since 2010 it has been coordinated by an Education Officer employed by the City of Whitehorse and assisted by knowledgeable local volunteers. It has since expanded to become the ParksWide Environment Education Program and now includes Blackburn Lake Sanctuary, Yarran Dheran, and several other bushland parks in Whitehorse.

Would you like to volunteer for the Parks Wide Environment Education Program?

Volunteers are vital to the running of the program and new volunteers are always welcome. If you are interested, please call 9262 6211, or Mobile: 0435 373 470 or for further information please email the ParksWide Education Officer at

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