A view across the lake at Blackburn Lake Sanctuary

Sanctuary and Land for Wildlife

Blackburn Lake Sanctuary is one of the few significant remaining natural bushland reserves in Melbourne and the best-known bushland park in the City of Whitehorse. With its high quality indigenous bushland, lake and wetlands, extensive walking-tracks and informative Visitor Centre, Blackburn Lake Sanctuary is a living reference to the natural and cultural history of the district.

Schools and the general community enjoy excellent learning opportunities through the Sanctuary’s well respected Environment Education Program.

An important environmental asset for residents of Whitehorse and the wider Melbourne Metropolitan Area, Blackburn Lake Sanctuary is just that – a sanctuary, a place of protected habitat for plants and animals.

Visitors are asked to respect Blackburn Lake Sanctuary’s bushland and wildlife in order to preserve this precious asset for future generations.

Recent Events at Blackburn Lake

Fisher and Paykel Healthcare Blackburn Staff and Family

On Saturday the 21St October, 25 Fisher and Paykel employees and family members gathered to volunteer their time to remove weeds and help conserve the bushland at Blackburn Lake Sanctuary- a park located a 5 minute walk from our Australian Headquarters in Nunawading.  Armed with buckets, bins, gloves and wheelbarrows the team spent a fun morning mulching and removing Briza and other weeds at a patch of ground adjacent to The Landing.

The team enjoyed hearing from the co-ordinators overseeing our work about the flora and fauna of the Sanctuary as well as some insights into local weed species and their control.  With the Sanctuary so close to the office many staff indicated that they would definitely be back to enjoy the walking tracks, lake views and playground.

Volunteers helping out Volunteers helping at Blackburn Lake Volunteers helping out Volunteers helping their commmunity More great volunteers

Spring Bird Survey

On October 8th, another Bird survey was completed. These surveys are carried out twice a year at Blackburn Lake Sanctuary the in Spring and Autumn seasons.

This most recent survey was conducted and lead by Ian, Greg and Geoff with approximately 29 people attending in total. As for the birds, there were a total of 36 different species either seen, heard or both, as the group made their way around the lake.

As this is a biannual event, we will be dedicating a space on the website for the survey results.

New Visitor Centre Entrance Official Opening

On Saturday 30th April, the newly designed Visitor Centre entrance was unveiled by the Mayor of Whitehorse Cr. Phillip Daw. The new design has transformed the once old building into a magnificent structure taking inspiration from the beak of the Wedge-tailed Eagle.

A special thank you to those who put so much time and effort into the project, and for everyone who came to the ceremony to celebrate in this milestone achievement for the sanctuary.

Entrance of the Visitor Centre at the opening Mayor Cr. Phillip Daw at the opening of the Visitor Centre Blackburn Lake Advisory Committee Chairperson Sue Fenton as the opening of the Visitor Centre Inside the Visitor Centre at Blackburn Lake Sanctuary Outside the Visitor Centre at Blackburn Lake Sanctuary

Opening of the Yarning Circle

Recently we had the opening of the Yarning Circle at Blackburn Lake Sanctuary.

Opening of the Yarning CircleOpening of the Yarning Circle Opening of the Yarning Circle Opening of the Yarning Circle Opening of the Yarning Circle

Green Army at BLS

The Green Army helping out at Blackburn Lake Sanctuary Green Army Volunteers Learning

Celebrating the new lake wall artwork

Rotary volunteering helping out at the Blackburn Lake Sanctuary

The new playground is open!

Architect and family in front of the new playground at Blackburn Lake Sanctuary Architect and family in the tower of the new playground at Blackburn Lake Sanctuary Kid playing on the turtle in the new playground at Blackburn Lake Sanctuary Family playing on the rotating swing at Blackburn Lake Sanctuary Sue Fenton with the Architect of the new playground at Blackburn Lake Sanctuary
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